The American Hindu Coalition (AHC) is an IRS nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy organization that: 1. Promotes the interests of American Hindus and Americans who subscribe to Hindu enlightenment principles in the field of politics, public policy, legislation, and regulation; 2. Builds public awareness of the issues facing American Hindus and Americans who subscribe to Hindu enlightenment principles; 3. Upholds the shared commitment of American Hindus for a more prosperous, safer, and a stronger America through a limited government and a strong national defense platform.


  • America first economic success
  • Protection and full support for first amendment religious liberties
  • Preserve traditional family values and support for parental control of education
  • Strengthen small business growth through tax and regulatory relief
  • A military that adheres to the doctrine of “peace through strength”
  • Effective and enforceable border security
  • Foster stronger economic, trade, and security partnership with America’s natural ally – India


To engage the public at large, AHC will host a series of conferences, interactive workshops, grassroots and media events.

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